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                    Hailir News

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                    Support Lacey to overcome difficulties together - Hailir donated 1 million yuan

                    This spring, the epidemic is urgent! Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in Lacey, all sectors of society have paid close attention to the progress of epidemic preventi.....


                    The chairman of the group was invited to participate in the 2021 Zhongnong Lihua

                    Recently, the 2021 Zhongnong Lihua Technical Pharmaceuticals Summit organized by Zhongnong Lihua Chemical Division was successfully held in Sanya, Hainan Province. The theme of thi.....


                    congratulate! The group and president won the China Pesticide Industry Responsib

                    With hard work and dedication, China's pesticide industry has become a major producer and exporter of pesticides through unremitting, pioneering and enterprising struggles, and .....


                    The group won the third prize of the Science and Technology Award of the Chinese

                    To commend the winners of the Science and Technology Award of the Plant Protection Society, the Chinese Society for the Protection of Plants issued the 2021 Science and Technolo.....


                    Hailir Pharmaceutical Group Chairman Ge Yaolun was hired as the first batch of e

                    In order to give full play to the wisdom advantages of the expert group and further improve the forward-looking, scientific, democratic, and preciseness of government decision-m.....


                    Group President Ge Jiacheng was invited to participate in ACE and Agro Tech conf

                    On November 6, the 21st National Pesticide Exchange Conference and Agrochemical Products Exhibition (ACE) and the 4th Modern Agricultural Service Exhibition (Agro Tech) were gra.....


                    Hailir is shortlisted in 2021 Top 100 Petroleum and Chemical Private Enterprises

                    A few days ago, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation released the "2021 Top 100 Petroleum and Chemical Private Enterprise Sales Revenue Ranking List", and Hailir was.....


                    The group won the honorary title of the first batch of "good products Shandong"

                    In order to establish the image of Shandong Province's own brand and realize the goal of strengthening the brand in the province, the construction of the regional public brand o.....


                    congratulate! The Group's project won the second prize in the Qingdao Employee I

                    Recently, the Qingdao Federation of Trade Unions, together with the Organization Department of the Qingdao Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Qingdao Municipa.....


                    congratulate! The group has won many honors from China Pesticide Industry Associ

                    Recently, the China Pesticide Industry Association held the "Seventh Selection of Safe and Scientific Pesticide Demonstration Enterprises and Advanced Workers" awards ceremony and .....


                    congratulate! Hailir won the "Excellent Brand Award" at the Southwest Agricultur

                    In mid-September, Hailir won the "Excellent Brand Award" at the Southwest Agricultural Cooperation Conference held in Chengdu, Sichuan. It is understood that, in response to.....


                    Congratulations on the sales of idle farmers exceeded 100 million yuan

                    On September 7th, thanks to the hard work of the idle farmers, the idle farmers made great achievements and exceeded 100 million yuan. Qingdao Xian Nong Resistant .....


                    The core customers of Shouguang Zhongnong Sanyang Lijian visited the group for l

                    On December 14, a group of 56 people from Shouguang Zhongnong Sanyang Agricultural Materials Co., Ltd. Li Jian's core customer visited the group to exchange and learn, and seek .....


                    "Twenty Years of Thanksgiving, Deep Cultivation to Win the Future" and Arda Stra

                    On November 22, 2021, the "Twenty Years of Thanksgiving, Deep Cultivation to Win the Future" and Alda Strategic Consensus Conference were successfully held in Tai'an, Shandong. .....


                    Relive the path of entrepreneurship and recast the soul of the enterprise-Hailie

                    In order to better review the past, plan for the future, summarize the development of strategic work in the third quarter, summarize, share, exchange, and learn advanced experie.....


                    Enthusiasm "basket" can't stop丨Hailir's new and old employees' basketba

                    On the occasion of the arrival of new employees, in order to build a simple, honest and sunny corporate culture atmosphere, enrich the amateur cultural life of new and old emplo.....


                    congratulate! Cultural messenger Liu Zhihang won the second prize of the essay e

                    On the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the city organized various cultural competitions with clear themes and colorful. In order to celebrate .....


                    The red song is loud and bright, the red heart to the party! Hailir Singing Comp

                    To have a great future in mind is just like a century of grace.On the occasion of the centennial birthday of the Communist Party of China, on the afternoon of July 1, Hailir .....


                    The wind and rain go against the wind and the warm front line Hailir condolences

                    Recently, Qingdao has faced the pressure of the epidemic. The lives and work of enterprises and individuals have been affected to varying degrees. The pause button has been pres.....


                    "Caring for Strugglers and Protecting Their Homes"-Langhua volunteers walked int

                    In 2021, Hailir will actively give back to the society while steadily developing with high quality. From helping students from Lacey to helping the disaster-stricken areas in He.....


                    "Childlike heart to the sea, hand in hand, helping heart to heart"——Volunteers w

                    In 2020, Hailir, the high speed development, at the same time, don't forget to give back to society, through the efforts of nearly a year, make a low cost and deploy.....


                    Take care of families in need,help poor students Spray volunteers come to Laixi

                    Since this year, on the basis of the original project, the volunteer team of Spray has regularly carried out a variety of public welfare activities, which has attracted wid.....


                    “Wave Volunteers Delegation” visited Laixi social welfare institute again

                    On June 3rd after Children’s day, “Wave Volunteers Delegation” visited the people in Laixi social welfare institute again under the leadership of Ziyu Ge, delegation brought T-s.....


                    The essence of agricultural business transformation: return to the origin

                    "Transformation" is a hot word now is very popular in all walks of life, the agricultural industry, also with no exception whatsoever. Conference, forum Sharon speech will talk abo.....



                    Group Profile

                    Hailir Pesticides and Chemicals Group was founded in 1999,and it is a state-designated pesticide production enterprises,as well as a integrated agrochemical groups with the ability to research and development,produce and sell pesticides and functional fertilizers. On Jan 12th,2017,Hailir Pesticides and Chemicals Group was listed on the A share market in Shanghai Stock Exchange(Stock abbreviation:Hailir, stock code 603639). The group has more than 1,300 employees,with annual sales exceeding 1 billion RMB,which has a number of subsidiaries including Qingdao Hailir Agrochemical Co.,Ltd,Qingdao Hailir Plant Protection Technology Co,Ltd,Qingdao Audis Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd,Qingdao Jamet Plant Nutrition Engeering Co.,Ltd,Shangdong Hailir Chemical Co.,Ltd,Qingdao Strong Tend Agricultural Science & Technology Co., Ltd,Sinoagro Chemicals Co.,Ltd,Shandong Tiger Wade Biology Technology Co., Ltd,Qingdao Heald Field Agricultural Service Co.,Ltd.,in Chenyang East industrial Park,LaiXi Jiang Shan industrial Park,Xichenghui Industrial Park,Weifang Binhai industrial Park has four major production bases,pesticide formulations output and sales ranked forefront among the industry.


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